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I have worked with a wide variety of for profits, not-for-profits, and government organizations across multiple industries. Past and current clients include Facebook, Intel, Telstra, the Department of Defense, Syngenta, Kaiser and many others. My goal is always to help teams see beyond their current assumptions and identify novel opportunities and insights. Here are some of the ways my work has added value to these groups:

Strategic planning: I regularly work with strategy teams to provide an outside-in perspective on the external environment to support ongoing strategy planning as well as larger long-term planning efforts. By providing a larger context and longer time horizon, I help clients prepare for developments that are outside of their normal frames of reference.

Innovation and inspiration: By identifying long-term trends and grounding them with concrete examples from the present, I help innovation and product teams see new possibilities. I regularly facilitate sessions that enable groups to move beyond their current thinking and identify new product and service ideas.

Learning and development: I teach foresight and futures methods to professionals all over the world. Beyond teaching skills and techniques, I help these professionals identify strategies to connect their foresight work to more traditional processes.

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