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As a foresight strategist, I bring together a mix of skills that blend creativity and rigor with an ability to bridge time horizons and perspectives. These include:

Long-term foresight and scenarios: Unlike shorter-term forecasting efforts, the goal of foresight is to assess broader directions of change in order to provoke insight and action in the present. To do this, I use a variety of research methods--including qualitative research, signals scanning, expert interviews, user interviews and more--to bridge fields and generate an understanding of the decade ahead. I do this as an individual contributor as well as project leader and regularly manage research budgets of approximately $500,000 or more.

Team leadership: A big part of my work involves organizing and managing teams of researchers, helping each researcher dive deep into a specific topic, and then working with the team as a whole to turn these findings into reports that retain the depth uncovered by each researcher while also building these individual pieces into a coherent story that can be communicated easily.

Group facilitation: My goal in doing foresight work is to spark action and reshape decision-making in the present. To do this, I regularly facilitate workshops with groups from all over the world. These include strategy conversations, inspiration and visioning sessions, innovation meetings, trainings in how to do foresight research, and more. 

Communications: Effectively communicating foresight research requires balancing numerous competing demands. I excel at balancing the need to develop reports and presentations that are clear, compelling and easily accessible - while, at the same time, are also distinct, provocative, and grounded in a deep understanding of the present. 

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